Wednesday, February 20, 2008

McNally's Puzzle

McNally's Puzzle by Lawrence Sanders

Wealthy bird shop owner, Hiram Gottschalk feels his life is threatened. He can not contact the police because there are no definite threats. The Gottschalk are to say it mildly dysfunctional. The son and heir is mentally unstable and the twin daughters are very twisted and not at all nice. To round out the menagerie there is the housekeeper who could organize the military and the manager of the bird shop who makes Archy look slovenly.

I found this one a bit repetitive. The first 25 pages were the same as the other books in the series. I do like Archy and his irreverence. His girlfriend, Connie is nowhere to be seen this time as she is mad at Archy for thinking 'dirty' thoughts. He needs to be kicked to the curb but not for this reason.

The plot was funny in parts and had a satisfying number of twists. The only niggle was that it was summed up too fast. The villain tried to kill Archy in the end and it just didn't make sense that that is what would happen. It was almost as if the author was running out of paper and had to get it ended then and now.



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