Friday, February 08, 2008

Trunk Music by Michael Connelly

Trunk Music by Michael Connelly

Bosch gets called to the scene for his first case after being suspended. A Rolls Royce has been found in a park with a body inside. At first it looks like a mob hit, trunk music. The victim has ties to Vegas, so Bosch spends his time in both LA and Vegas trying to solve the mystery.

The previous Bosch novel (The Last Coyote) was a no holds barred type of book because Bosch was doing his own thing. Now the structure is back because he is working for the city again. He has a new boss, Grace, who seems like she might actually be on Bosch's side. Of course, there's a new love interest (detectives can't ever seem to stay on the same girl for more than one book). But it looks like this love interest might be around for the upcoming book in the series.

There were some unexpected twists and turns, which is always nice because I'm fairly good at guessing "whodunit" and like to be surprised.

First line in the book: "As he drove along Mulholland Drive toward the Cahuenga Pass, Bosch began to hear the music."



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