Friday, February 29, 2008

Undead and Uneasy

Undead and Uneasy by Mary Janice Davidson

This book was better than the last one. MJD picked up the pace. Betsy is on the verge of finally being wed to the Vampire King, Sinclair. Plans are progressing nicely until everyone disappears or is killed. Betsy's father and stepmother are killed in an auto accident and she is now guardian of BabyJon. Sinclair is just not around. Her best friend is in the hospital fighting cancer.

Betsy must handle things by herself. She deals with fiends, werewolves and a few very unfriendly vampires. I found this book a bit faster paced, due to the increase in action. Still Betsy is a vampire bimbo. She is the vampire Queen but at times she just is so dumb.

a fluff book :)



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