Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green Calder Grass

Green Calder Grass by Janet Dailey

Jessy waited forever for Ty Calder as she knew what she wanted. Ty finally divorced Tara and now Jessy and Ty are expecting twins. Happily ever after, right. Not quite as Tara's beloved father dies suddenly and Tara doesn't know what to do but to turn to Ty. Well she does know and knows exactly what she is doing as she is very manipulative and she wants Ty back.

Ty seemingly becomes more and more 'pulled' in as Tara helps to plan The Calder's auction barn and then buys the piece of land entirely enclosed by Calder ranch. The Calders have been trying to buy that land for a long time. How did Tara come by it so easily?

This series almost reads like a mystery as someone in every book is either killed or injured severely. Just another love story where the good girl wins in the end HOORAH!

First Line: "The grass ocean rippled gold under a strong summer song."



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