Sunday, January 03, 2010

Out Stealing Horses

Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson
Literature in translation

A young boy, Trond spends time with his father in the Norwegian woods just after the war. One morning he goes 'out stealing horses' with his friend, Jon. Jon completely breaks down after causing a tragic accident in his family and disappears. Trond's father decides to cut down some of his forest for cash and then he leaves his family.

Trond, as an old man, comes to a cabin in the wilderness to reflect on that summer and finds out his neighbour is Jon's brother. This triggers a lot of memories about his father and Jon's family.

Petterson writes a philosophical book which starts with one tragedy and slowly unravels thread by thread other painful stories and feelings. Petterson paints a vivid picture of the beautiful Norwegian woods but stops short when writing about people's feelings

First Line: "Early November."



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