Thursday, January 07, 2010

Kiss The Girls

Kiss The Girls by James Patterson

DC detective Alex Cross's niece goes missing from her southern college. Cross starts to investigate only to find that a large number of girls are missing under similar circumstances. When one of the missing girls escapes she tells a story of being captured by Casanova and being kept underground to be raped. She was lucky as most of the girls are finally murdered.

Meanwhile across the country in California another serial rapist/murderer is on the prowl. 'Gentleman Caller' has a gristler method of dealing with his prey. Not only that but it looks like Casanova and Gentleman Caller are in communication with each other and are collaborating and competing.

This is a typical Patterson page-turner. The story is good, the pace is fast but the short chapters drive me nuts

First Line: "For three weeks, the young killer actually lived inside the walls of an extraordinary fifteen-room beach house."



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Callista said...

I love James Patterson!