Tuesday, January 19, 2010

McNally's Chance

McNally's Chance by Lawrence Sanders
Genre of book

In Florida, popular romance writer Sabrina Wright hires private investigator Arch McNally to find her missing husband. But Sabrina really has a much different reason for involving Archy. Her daughter Gillian recently learned that her mother who she thought had adopted her is really her biological mother. Gillian seeks her biological dad.

When the news leaks out among the rich and richer, three males try to hire Archy to keep a lid on the story. Sabrina had affairs with all three at about the time she became pregnant and each one has since been paying under the table child support to keep the author quiet. Now that the story is becoming public, someone kills Sabrina. Will Archy be next??

We also get a glimpse of Binky. Binky works as a messenger at Archy's father's firm. Binky decides it is time to move out and moves into a trailer right next to the beautiful Bianca, With Both Archy and Binky vying over Bianca and Al Rogoff the police next door, life gets complicated.

This book again plays off the irreverent Archy and although a mystery packs a few laughs in. The only negative is that Archy is not as tolerant of Binky as before but actually a bit mean.

First Line: "Sabrina Wright. She was perched on a faux leather stool at Bar Anticipation looking exactly as she id in her author photo on the jacket of her bestseller, Desperate Desire."



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