Sunday, July 31, 2011

Certain Prey

Certain Prey by John Sandford

Carmel Loan gets whatever she wants and she wants Hale Allen. A pesky little detail is that he is already married to a wealthy socialite. Carmel is an intelligent, beautiful and driven lawyer. Carmel contacts a former client and arranges for a 'hit'.

Clara Rinker is a petite and attractive Southern bar owner who happens to be the mafia's best professional killer. She comes to do her job and it should be a walk in the park but an innocent policeman comes to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets shot also.

Enter Lucas Davenport. He not only makes the connection between Carmel and the 'hit' but also starts to find out about the hit man. When Carmel and Clara join forces to eliminate some witnesses the killing spree escalates and soon even Lucas is in their sights.

The Prey books are not really a who-done-it but a how will justice be served series of books. They are excellent but this time I felt the connection between Carmel and the murders was intuition at best and not based on investigation or testimony. A bit too far from just plain good police work for me.

First Line: "Clara Rinker."


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