Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

Charlie St. Cloud and his brother Sam are huge baseball fans. When Charlie borrows a neighbour's car to drive to the Red Sox game, the brothers don't think anything of it. On the way home, they are involved in a horrible accident and Sam doesn't survive his injuries. Charlie has no signs of life for a moment, but comes back after making a promise to his brother to never leave him. Now, many years later, Charlie is leading an incredibly sheltered life, working at the graveyard, in order to stay close to his brother.

Charlie is gifted or cursed with the ability to see not only his dead brother, but also the other spirits in the graveyard who have just died and are passing on. Every night Charlie plays ball with his brother and cannot be late or else his brother starts to fade, which has never allowed him to become close to anyone else, until he meets Tess. Tess is an independent woman who is set on sailing around the world by herself but feels a spark with Charlie shortly before she's set to sail off.

This book is a very easy read and could be classified as a romance as much as fiction/literature. It's not too sappy, though I found it to be quite predictable. I was a bit worried it was going to become a Romeo/Juliette story line but thankfully it didn't go down that path. It's a pretty sweet story. I watched the trailer for the movie after finishing the book and it looks to be quite different from the book (and quite stupid to be honest). Read the book rather than watch the movie!

First Line: "I believe in miracles."


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