Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rachel's Holiday

Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes

Rachel has had an accidental overdose of drugs. She finds herself in the hospital and then railroaded by her family, friends and boyfriend into The Cloisters for a two month rehab program. Rachel doesn't think she abuses drugs but she needs a holiday and will love the jacuzzi,gym and pampering you get at these places. NOT

Rachel soon discovers she is in for some serious therapy with a therapist who has been there and knows the steps the addict goes through. The Cloisters is not full of 'beautiful' people and further they expect Rachel to do some work. Hello, reality.

Marian Keyes has written a novel about addiction from the viewpoint of the abuser. The reader at first wonders if Rachel is really an addict and then slowly realizes as Rachel does the extent of the addiction. Keyes has done a masterful job at this. Also Keyes interjects some humour which makes this an entertaining read

First Line: "They said I was a drug addict."


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