Friday, July 29, 2011

Kabul Beauty School

Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez

Deborah Rodriguez decides to help women in Afghanistan by teaching them how to run a beauty salon. This is something that would allow these women some income and a small bit of independence. Debbie describes the ordeal of starting such a venture from the donation of products and equipment in the US to transportation and the set-up of a school and then even the lottery type system to pick out the students.

The bravery of the Afghani women is unbelievable and their ambition and thirst for knowledge is wonderful to see.

This is not the best written book as the language is simplistic. I did not connect with Debbie at all but felt she was one of those brash, loud, opinionated 'Americans' the rest of the world has come to dislike. Debbie was just out of an abusive relationship when she started this project and I wondered how she could leave her young sons over and over again. Surely they would need her at this time.

While in Afghanistan Debbie becomes the second wife of an Afghani. He is very open-minded, but she becomes upset when she finds out that his first wife is pregnant. Please, is she that naive?

This was an extremely interesting story but I just couldn't relate to the author.

First Line: "The women arrive at the salon just before eight in the morning."


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