Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Fool's Mate

Fool's Mate by Laura Pedersen

Josie Kincaid is a hard-worked and underpaid Journalist who is the go-to person in the TV newsroom where she works. She re-writes stories, checks facts and dreams of becoming an investigative journalist and changing the world. In order to achieve this she has become one of the guys, drinking too much, sleeping around and being very aggressive.

Josie has shared her office with a bunch of other journalists. When she has scared off the latest office mate, it is Calvin Thomas, son of a well-known Connecticut senator who moves in. He is everything Josie hates; preppy, monied, Republican and engaged. Calvin is a lawyer who wants to give journalism a 'try' instead of going into the family business of politics. Josie is everything Calvin hates; out-spoken, a slob and angry.

As this fast-paced story progresses Josie is forced to acknowledge her destructive behaviour. Josie finds that lifestyle changes are hard to achieve. But when Josie gets the assignment of a lifetime she is forced to look at life differently.

Laura Pederson has written a romance with a little intrigue and humour. I loved the station manager T.E. and his witty sayings. I found Josie a bit hard to understand and relate to at first as she is such a hard-core journalist but as the story progressed one can not help but root for her.

First Line: "The president of the United States was in the middle of surgery to remove a polyp from the presidential colon, a volcano of Vesuvian ferocity had erupted in Alaska, there'd been an assassination attempt on the military dictator of Myanmar, and it was only nine o'clock in the morning."
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