Thursday, December 22, 2011

The one you really want

The one you really want by Jill Mansell

Nancy's husband gave her a shiny new red lawnmower for Christmas. But Nancy had figured she was getting jewelry when the local jeweler sent her husband a thank-you card for all his business. Nancy leaves Edinburgh and her adulterous husband for her friend Carmen's luxury London flat.

Carmen's husband Spike the member of a famous rock band died and Carmen figures she will now be single for the rest of her life. She has a ton of money and a beautiful flat which she will share with Nancy and her husband's brother Rennie.

Carmen's next door neighbour is Connor whose daughter Mia has come to live with him. Mia can't stand her father's current girlfriend and decides to play matchmaker with some disastrous results.

This was an amusing read. A great romance with quite a few characters which makes it that more interesting

First Line: "'Go on, you can say it,' Nancy offered, because it was so obviously what Carmen was longing to blurt out down the phone."


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