Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

A man and his boy set out in a post-apocalyptic world down a road, heading south to warmer climates. The world has been like this for a few years and the father decides they can't stand another winter where they are. Life is getting more and more dangerous because there is less and less food. It seems that plants and most animals haven't been able to survive the disaster, whatever the disaster is.

The story paints a picture of a very stressful and weary journey for the two. The father wants nothing more than to protect his son, both from danger and from seeing things a young child shouldn't see, which is incredibly difficult in this time. The conversations between the two is quite brief but is usually filled with hope though at sometime it's forced hope.

For such a grim subject, this book is surprisingly easy to read. Looking back on this book, if I were to write a post-apocalyptic book, I'd include all of the elements from this book: a journey, trying to find food, finding bad guys, etc. Yet somehow the book still seemed like it was original. I really enjoyed this read.

First Line: "When he woke in the woods in the dark and the cold of the night he'd reach out to touch the child sleeping beside him."


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