Friday, December 23, 2011

Informed Consent by Sandra Glahn

Informed Consent by Sandra Glahn

Dr. Jeremy Cramer has lived through many tragedies, including his father drowning in water and his son dying in a car crash. He's always blamed himself for those accidents in the back of his mind and wondered what he could do about them. As an infectious disease researcher, Jeremy gets the chance to research why children usually survive cold water submersion but adults don't. Politics makes him change his research focus to slowing down the progression of AIDS but there are applications there too.

Having to put in many late nights, Jeremy's marriage is in shambles. His wife blames him for their son's death though she hasn't admitted to it. Things get even worse when Jeremy puts another of his children in danger by bringing him in to the lab at work. Jeremy wonders why he dangers everything he loves.

This book continuously poses ethical questions and makes you question what you would do in the same scenario. Given the chance, I think I'd act similarly to the main character. Despite this book being a medical book, the author did a good job of explaining all of the medical terms in laymen terms.

Glahn makes it easy to immediately connect with the characters, which allows the reader to get in to the book quite quickly. I had troubles putting the book down!

First Line: "Like most children, Jeremy Cramer thought his children would never die."


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