Friday, January 12, 2007

Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham

Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham

The concept behind this mystery was pretty interesting. Rather than killing, the goal of the killer is to put the person into what is called 'locked-in' syndrome. This is when the person has full brain functionality but can't move any part of their body. Of course, he succeeds sometimes and fails (thus killing) other times. I liked that Alison, the girl in the locked-in state, became a character because her thoughts were portrayed to the reader. I can't really say I enjoyed Thorne, the main detective, or Anne, his lover. They were a bit egotistical for my tastes. And I agree with Audrey, it didn't make much sense that the killer was obsessed with Thorne. What exactly brought that on?
There were some other random things in the book that probably could have been left out, like Thorne's past. It didn't pay much of a role in the book then all the sudden he comes out and tells Anne his past. Who cares!?
I guessed the murderer before the book had ended, so yay me!



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