Saturday, January 13, 2007

Disordered Minds (Audio)

Disordered Minds by Minette Walters

It is about Dr Jonathan Hughes, an anthropologist, who looks into the case of Howard Stamp, a young man with learning difficulties who killed himself in prison after being convicted of killing his grandmother in 1970. Hughes believes that Stamp was wrongly convicted. George Gardener is also trying to bring Stamp's case to public attention, also believing that he was innocent, and with further evidence that could prove this.
A very good mystery. It is very intersting how Walters can peel back the layers one by one. One does have to pay attention to the various stories
Favourite Character: George. She kept the story together and Jonathan from losing it
Least Favourite Character: Roy Trent. What a pompous ass. He was used by Louise but he kinda deserved it
Favourite Part of the Story: Near the end when the 3 writers patch everything together
Least Favourite Part of the Story: The Complications. I had to sometimes play a scene twice to understand what was going on
What was missing: simplicity. Same as above



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