Friday, April 18, 2008


Charanavi by Masahiro Tsurumoto

Charanavi (Character Navigation) is a fun little book. By using your birth date you find out what animal you are. I am a harmonious sheep.. Each animal is connected with certain characteristics, somewhat similar to astrology. For the most part I found these to be right on. However according to the book I am supposed to be right brained and I am definitely left brained. There is also a compatibility chart which showed that my husband and I are 20% compatible. Guess we have to work harder at the relationship than others.

I did find that the Great Gift ideas for each animal to be absolutely amazingly true.

This is the type of book that will have you checking out everyone's birth date to find out which animal they are.

The book has some great illustrations and is very colourful. The cover art however detracts from the book as it appears too cluttered.




Jeane said...

Sounds interesting. I wonder what animal it would say I am?

Dana said...

Leave your birth date and I will tell you