Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Secret (Post Secret) by Anon

My Secret by Anon

If you don't know anything about Post Secret, you should familiarize yourself.

My mom brought home this book from the Oakville bookcrossing meetup. I've been reading Post Secret regularly online for a while now so I took the book and sat down with it and read it until I came to a point in the book, about half way through, where I recognized the faces of people. The secret reads "I still look at your 3rd grade picture and think what might have happened if I hadn't moved 825 miles away". The picture is a yearbook style picture (double page spread in black and white with a red heart in the bottom left hand corner for all those that read this book after I do).

I immediately recognized 2 faces, then after looking closer, I could pick out about 6 people I recognized. This is the other third grade class from my elementary school! I don't know who sent this in, or who the boy is with the heart around him, but how weird is that!




Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Holy smoke! That's freaky!

Tyler said...

I would just like to say that that is also a third grade class when I went to school at Pine Ridge (I was in a different class) I still have that exact yearbook too. I found the book at the library and was flipping through it and I recognized a few faces as well. I don't know whose face that is, but I will find out when I go home from college in a few weeks and bring out that old yearbook.
My name is Tyler Maddox and I was in Mrs. Ruth Gordon's third grade class in pine ridge elem waverly hall GA.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read the book and so did a bunch of my friends from elem. school we all thought that many of those kids looked like kids we knew back in the day. I'm in college now. Shoot me an email at


Maybe we went to the same school.