Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Double

The Double by Jose Saramago

Jose Saramago writes incredible literature. Those liking to read well written novels will not be disappointed with The Double. This is a philosophical outstanding read.

Tertuliano Maximo Afonso is a secondary school history teacher. A video is recommended to him and he finds it 'ho hum'. In the middle of the night he is awoken to find the video playing and a bit player resembles him. He decides to pursue the double and find out more about him. It seems he is identical even down to the scar on his knee. What ensues is an increasingly dark tale.

Saramago goes off in tangents constantly while telling the tale. It is however so well written the reader forgives this. Also punctuation is non-existent. This makes telling who is talking in a conversation difficult and worse makes for picking up the book to continue reading even more difficult.

The ending is what makes the book. It is designed to make you think and think you will.

First Line: "The man who has just come into the shop to rent a video bears on his identity card a most unusual name, a name with a classical flavor that time has staled, neither more nor less than Tertuliano Maximo Afonso."



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