Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Strip Jack by Ian Rankin

Strip Jack by Ian Rankin

Book 4 of the Inspector Rebus sees Rebus back in Scotland fighting crime! This time, he's called in to 'Operation Creeper' - a raid of a brothel. Rebus wonders who told the press when he arrives at the brothel and they are already there waiting. Soon Rebus learns why, MP Gregor Jack is inside and this will be front page news. It still smells like a set up to Rebus and he starts to investigate further, finding out the Jack's wife is MIA. When she later turns up dead in a river, Rebus tries to put together all the pieces and find out whom is lying to bring light to who the murderer is.

Rebus has moved into the flat of his girlfriend, Patience. I only read book 3 a couple of months ago and I don't remember any mention of her at all, and all of the sudden Rebus is living with Patience? Did I forget some obvious plot line or what? I don't think this relationship is going to last very long. In the end, Rebus and Gill will probably end up together, which would be nice!

I was also very happy to see Inspector Flight from England make a reappearance in this book. He was in book 3 and was a great character. Hopefully he pops up whenever Rankin can fit him in. I'm also enjoying Holmes, Rebus' new sidekick.

Not the best Rebus book out there, but still enjoyable!

First Line: "The wonder of it was that the neighbours hadn't complained, hadn't even - as many of them later told the newsmen - realized."



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