Thursday, April 10, 2008

Girl Cook by Hanna McCouch

Girl Cook by Hannah McCouch
Chick Lit

Layla is a graduate of the somewhat prestigious Cordon Bleu cooking school in France. While she dreams of being put on saute, she can't seem to get off making the salads in what's described as a "man's world". Her boss is a complete jerk who treats her horribly and basically dares her to quit. To make matters, worse, Layla's love life isn't going anywhere either. Layla needs to find a new job, and a new man!

Typical to any chick lit, this was very easy to read and very predictable. It was interesting to have a different backdrop for the story though - that being of a professional kitchen. The writing wasn't the best, the story line wasn't the best, but it was a nice break from the more serious stuff I've been reading recently.

First Line: "I've been tossing mesclun greens in the garde-manger at Tacoma for the past nine months, and I'm about to lose my shit."



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