Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Case Histories

Case Histories by Kate Atkinson

Case History #1 is from the 70s in which a young child, Olivia vanishes from her backyard never to be seen again. Her sisters, Amelia and Julia ask Jackson to investigate because they have found Baby Olivia's stuffed mouse in their dead father's possessions.

Case History #2 is the story of a young girl who is brutally murdered in her father's law office. Theo, her father approaches Jackson to find the killer after 10 years has gone by.

Case History #3 is the story of a young wife, Michelle who murders her husband.

All these stories are intertwined ingeniously by Atkinson. Jackson, the private investigator is a sucker for the sad stories. He tries hard not to get involved in Amelia's and Julia's jealousies and insecurities, tries hard not to be Theo's main attention and tries hard not to get involved with Shirley, Michelle's sister. Of course, he does get involved

I loved Jackson. He is a hard-warming man who is undergoing a divorce. The stories although all separate at first slowly get intertwined but I felt that Case # 3 was a little weak.

First Line: "How lucky were they?"




Book Queen said...

This is a juicy blog. I love all of the books you have reviewed and I wonder how you choose what to read and review?

I'm looking up the Coupland book now.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Lauren said...

Speaking for myself, I have so many books here that it's a matter of selecting something that I either feel the urge to read, have had around the house for too long, or think someone else would enjoy so I can pass it on to them.

Thanks for visiting!

Dana said...

Personally, I try to read a wide variety of genres. Otherwise I tend to get bored. I read other people's blogs and put some well-loved ones at the top of my TBR list