Monday, May 12, 2008

Shadow of Power

Shadow of Power by Steve Martini

Terry Scarborough is a notoriety seeker who has written a book about the American Constitution. Scarborough writes about how even in this current day and age the constitution stills contains inflammatory references to slavery. Scarborough also hints at a letter written by Jefferson which would be even more scandalous than his current book. He goes on a book tour in which every city there are riots and violence. Part way through the tour he is murdered in a San Diego hotel room.

The room service bellhop, Carl Arnsberg is charged. The evidence is overwhelming; fingerprints, shoes prints and motive. Paul Madriani and his partner, Harry Hinds are his attornies. Is Carl just a scapegoat and have the police just found the first criminal available to pin the crime on?

Paul and Harry must find the missing Jefferson letter before the trial ends and find out who really killed Scarborough.

This is a tremendous court room drama mystery. The detail of the the trail is amazing. A definite page-turner!!

First Line: "The sugar-white powder was so hot on their feet that they skipped and took long strides across the distance to the darker sand cooled by the surf."



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