Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Wentworths

The Wentworths by Katie Arnoldi

The Wentworths are a wealthy South Californian family who are extremely dysfunctional. The book starts with the whole family going to get the youngest son out of jail. I laughed out loud imagining this scene.

The Wentworths include: father Augustus, mother Judith, eldest son Conrad, daughter Becky, Son-in-law Paul and their children, Monica and Joey and youngest son Norman.

Augustus is a boozing philanderer who keeps a woman on the side. Judith is a cold, unfeeling skinny woman whose sole concern is her figure. She loves to mistreat the servants. Conrad is a busy well-known lawyer with a penchant for young girls and kinky sex. He brings girls home to meet his parents just before he dumps them.

Becky is a substance abuser who only wants her mother's approval. Paul is her wimp of a husband who hasn't got a clue of how to fix his family but really wants to try. Norman is a sensitive homosexual and the ignored member of the family.

Conrad bring Angela home to meet the family and Angela is not so easily dumped. Furthermore, she fits right into the dysfunctional family.

The book is a study of bad behaviour. The reader gets sucked into wondering what will happen next. Arnoldi delivers a compact twisted and 'sick' book and nicely ties up all the loose ends in an epilogue at the end

First Line: "They're standing in a police station somewhere in Los Feliz"



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