Friday, May 09, 2008

Strip Jack

Strip Jack by Ian Rankin

Another in the Rebus series!! This time the book starts with a raid on an Edinburgh brothel. Inside is a MP Gregor Jack and conveniently outside is the press. Rebus smells something fishy and goes to talk to Jack. Jack's wife is MIA but shows up a couple of days later dead and badly beaten. Rebus is up against a cunning murderer and a close-knit group of old school friends.

I enjoy Rebus and the way he thinks but I don't enjoy his take on relationships. He is so wishy-washy; on again, off again.

The way Rankin portrays Rebus and his status within the police force is very interesting. Rebus is shown to be a fatherly mentor figure for the younger investigators like Holmes. I like how Rebus helps Holmes along

First Line: "The wonder of it was that the neighbours hadn't complained, hadn't even - as many of them later told the newsmen - realized."



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