Friday, May 27, 2011

Before I go to Sleep

Before I go to Sleep by S. J. Watson

Christine wakes up every single morning not knowing who she is, where she is and even who the man she is sleeping with is. She walks into the Bathroom and is shocked to see a middle-aged woman staring at her. She believes she is in her 20s.

Ben, her husband must re-acquaint her to him and her environment every single day. Once Ben has left for work Christine receives a call from Dr. Nash to tell her where her hidden diary is. The first words in the diary are Do not trust Ben. Dr. Nash unbeknownst to Ben has been seeing Christine and encouraging her to keep a diary of everything she learns about herself. As the diary grows so do Christine's questions.

This is a fabulous thriller which will severely impact your life because you simply won't get anything else done until the book is finished. I did not see the twist coming and it is a great one. Will look forward to more books from S. J. Watson

First Line: "The bedroom is strange."


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