Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Calder Promise

Calder Promise by Janet Dailey

This is Laura's story. Laura is the daughter of Jessie and not a thing like her mother. She is touring Europe with her spoiled 'Aunt' Tara when she encounters two men: Boone Rutledge, son of a wealthy Texas cattle baron and Sebastian Dunshill, Earl of Crawford. Laura flits around Europe and eventually home with these two men dangling after her like puppies in need of a drink. There is even a scene where Laura dives naked into the Trevi fountain in Rome. Improbable!!

This is not a bad series but not great either. The stories are starting to seem the same each time. Romantic love triangle, a tad of mystery followed by the death of a character the reader loves. Enough already with the deaths

First Line: "The flattering glow of candlelight welcomed the arriving guests to the home of Count and Countess Valerie, a sixteenth-century palazzo on Rome's Capitoline Hill."


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