Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Around the World in the Middle Seat by Joyce Brooks

Around the World in the Middle Seat by Joyce Brooks

Joyce Brooks is a well-travelled tour guide/travel leader from Texas. She worked for a bank, coming up with national and international trips for bank customers to go on with her. Usually she would take her husband though sometimes she travelled by herself, with a group of at least more than 20 other people, typically senior citizens.

The book is broken up in to sections with different themes (ex. medical problems, using the washroom, etc.) and then Brooks explains when she encountered different problems relating to the subject of the chapter. No story is longer than a couple of pages. For this reason, I found the book a little disjointed. I think I would have preferred to read about her stories by region rather than by story type. Brooks also did the majority of her travelling in the 80s and 90s, which unfortunately makes the book seem a bit dated even though it was written in 2002.

There are tips at the end of the book about starting your own tour group which are interesting to read, even though I have no interest in doing that. Obviously Brooks has a lot of patience as I know I wouldn't be able to handle some of the requests that she got!

First Line: "Have you ever been trapped in the middle seat in coach for fourteen hours?"


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