Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Switch

the Switch by Sandra Brown

Gillian and Melina Lloyd are identical twins. When Gillian hears her biological clock ticking, she puts herself in the hands of the world-famous Waters Clinic and is artificially inseminated. Melinda, a media escort, convinces Gillian to switch places with her and chauffeur sexy astronaut Chief Hart around town. It turns out to be a fateful decision as Gillian's mutilated body is found the next day.

Melinda decides to involve herself in the police investigation to find out who killed her twin. She hooks up with Hart who is interested in clearing his name. The dead woman's smarmy boyfriend, Jem Hennings, has a vested interest in focusing police efforts on Hart, but Melina has her own reasons for thinking him wrong.

Jem's connection with a charismatic preacher known as Brother Gabriel is troubling. As is their associations with the Fertility Clinic. Melina tracks Brother Gabriel to his lair and uncovers his diabolical plot.

I enjoyed this book even though the ending is known well in advance.

First Line: "Kiss, kiss"


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