Thursday, June 02, 2011

Calder Storm

Calder Storm by Janet Dailey

This is Trey Calder's story. Trey falls heavily for Sloan, a photographer. They marry quickly and Sloan is introduced to Calder ranch and the multitude of Calders living there. However, there is a problem when Trey discovers Sloan is Max Rutledge's ward. The Rutledges and Calders have been enemies forever. Rutledge would like nothing better than to destroy the Calders and if he can use Sloan he will. All this comes to light as Sloan discovers she is pregnant.

Sloan and Trey must battle through distrust, innuendos and spite. Neither seems to be able to directly confront the other.

Dailey has again killed off a major character, albeit not one as well liked this time. I just do not see the purpose of this death unless it is a way of dealing with too many characters. The romance in these books is getting a little formulaic.

First Line: "The headquarters for the Fort Worth-based conglomerate known as Maresco, sleekly modern in its glass and granite architecture, stood a modest four stories tall"


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