Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven by Alice Hoffman

In the late 1950s in suburban America, women stayed at home and tended their children and husbands. Brand new houses were built all the same in a cookie-cutter fashion. When Nora Silk moves into one of these neighbourhoods and she has no visible husband and dresses provocatively, she is looked upon with suspicion and ignored. But what happens is the street is turned upside down.

Other families on the street include: the McCarthys, boys, Ace and Jackie, and their patient father dubbed "the saint" by his sons; the Hennessys,Ellen, her cop husband Joe and son Stevie who makes Nora's son Billie's life a living hell; the Shapiros, Danny who could get into any college he wants due to his good grades and financial ability; and Rickie is seems unable to make wise choices about boyfriends and school; Donna Durgin, who walks out on her young children and husband because her life feels too empty.

The description of the time period was 'spot on'. I had a bit of trouble with all the myriad of characters and felt the book was mediocre. The story meandered and though quite good in parts would then lost its path.

First Line: "Late in August, three crows took up residence in the chimney of the corner house on Hemlock Street."


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