Friday, June 03, 2011

McNally's Bluff

McNally's Bluff by Lawrence Sanders

Archy McNally, Discreet Inquirer, is attending the party of Palm Beach newcomer and former carnival owner, Matthew Hayes. The party involves finding one's way to the center of a maze.

The goal in the center yields an unwelcome surprise in the form of Matt's dead wife, Marlena Marvel. It is almost impossible that she appeared as a performer and without anyone seeing a thing turns up dead in the centre of the maze.

No one seems to have a motive but when more dead bodies turn up McNally must sift through the possible suspects and find the killer.

A light-hearted read that is just pure fun. I love McNally's joie de vivre

First Line: "The ladies shrieked in despair; the gentlemen moaned in frustration."


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