Friday, June 03, 2011

McNally's Dare

McNally's Dare by Lawrence Sanders

Archy McNally is Discreet Inquirer to the rich and famous in Palm Beach. Playing at a posh tennis benefit, Archy is on hand to help discover the drowning death of one of the waiters. The prime suspect is Lance Talbot but Archy is his alibi. Lance has recently inherited a fortune from his mother.

Archy soon has three different clients wanting the same thing. Archy is to find the killer. This seems to hinge all on a missing toe. Archy gets help, of course from the police and finds his way through the twists and turns with wit and humour. Archy is also having a wonderful time with his new love interest, Georgina.

This is a light-hearted mystery that is a quick read. Archy always brings a smile with his irreverent ways.

First Line: "I am lying facedown on the leather=padded massage table clad immodestly in my heather-gray briefs while a curvaceous masseuse in a rather abbreviated nurse's uniform strokes my left hand, one finger at a time"


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