Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer's Child

Summer's Child by Luanne Rice

Leila Jamieson went missing years ago but Mark Murphy, a now retired police detective is still searching for her. Leila's grandmother, Maeve continues to mourn the loss of her granddaughter.

Lily Malone owns a needlework shop in Nova Scotia, Her 9 year daughter, Rose was born with heart defects and has to undergo regularly scheduled operations in order to survive. Rose has befriended a new girl in town, Jessica. When Rose must undergo another operation, Jessica comes up with a fund-raising idea.

The Neill family in Nova Scotia run whale watching tours. All except Liam who believes they may be harming the whales. Liam who is quite introverted has begun seeing Lily and is enchanted with her daughter.

All of these stories intertwine with twists and turns, near tragedy and hope. I enjoyed the story especially the part about the whale. What I didn't enjoy was the cliffhanger so that the reader is conned into buying a second book.

First Line: "At the time, it was the biggest story in the state."


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