Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Secret Prey

Secret Prey by John Sandford

Bank President,Daniel Kresge is murdered while on a hunting trip with several other executives in the bank. Kresge was involved in a merger that would have netted him a lot of money and seen several people lose their jobs. He was also undergoing a costly divorce and he was a despicable human. The suspects are endless. Deputy Police Chief Lucas Davenport is leading the investigation.

Before a new president can be chosen, Wilson MacDonald is named as the interim president. Jim Bone and Susan O'Dell are also in the running for the job. Just as Davenport feels an arrest might be made O'Dell is murdered. Back to the chalkboard the police go. An interesting set of coincidences showing several executives having been killed or having disappeared comes to light.

In the meantime, Davenport's friends are being attacked. Is this another coincidence or connected to the killings?

Another great Prey book with a demented serial killer.

First Line: "The chairman of the board pulled the door shut behind him, stacked his rifle against the log-sided cabin, and walked down to the end of the porch."


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