Thursday, May 26, 2011

Echo Park

Echo Park by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch, an L.A. police detective, in the Open/Unsolved Unit has a case on his desk from 1993. It involves the killing of Marie Gesto, who disappeared from a supermarket. Bosch gets a call from the D.A. requesting Bosch to interview the killer, Raynard Waits who has just confessed. According to Waits, he is responsible for the death of Marie Gesto. Bosch had investigated this case, and it is still unsolved. No body was ever found.

Waits has made a deal with the DA: he’ll confess in exchange for life in prison rather than death. Waites is willing to lead the police to the body. Waites leads them to the body but escapes.

Bosch follows the leads even after he is sent home. Rachel Walling is back with help for Bosch and as a love interest.

A great story with Bosch questioning his own investigation and what he could have missed back in 1993. Bosch is so vulnerable when it comes to his women. He never seems to have them last for long as either a colleague or a romantic interest. I think I like Bosch so much because of his foibles, just like us ordinary folk.

First Line: "It was the car they had been looking for."


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