Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mind Prey

Mind Prey by John Sandford

When psychiatrist Andi Manette and her two young daughters are kidnapped, Minneapolis PD Deputy Chief Lucas Davenport must discover what is going on. The reader knows that the kidnapper is John Mail, a scary ex-patient who's entertained nasty dreams of Andi for years. He enacts his violent sex fantasies with the imprisoned Andi. He has supposedly let go the youngest girl at a Wal-Mart but Andi feels it is only time before her other daughter is molested.

Lucas must find them fast before they are killed. Mail loves to taunt Davenport with phone calls. It takes Davenport in his role as a computer gamer inventor to flush Mail out.

On a personal note, Davenport is carrying around a ring, is he ready to settle down?

I love this series but this is the best yet

First Line: "The storm blew up late in the afternoon, tight, gray clouds hustling over the lake like dirty, balled-up sweat socks spilling from a basket."


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