Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Broken Hearts Club by Ethan Black

The Broken Hearts Club by Ethan Black

Dr. Ian Bainbridge, a psychologist, has started the Broken Hearts Club for men trying to get over being dumped by their girlfriends. There's the mechanic, the banker, the literary agent, and the man that never shows up. The swap stories of how broken hearted they are and their grief sometimes turns to anger. One night, that anger builds up to the point where the banker visits his ex girlfriend and murders her in a blind rage. In comes Detective Voort, who also has recently had his heart broken.

This book wasn't the best written novel and there were parts at the beginning that made absolutely no sense until the end of the book. The twist was an interesting one but the ending was too cliche for my tastes. It's also quite graphic in parts and I felt like this didn't add anything to the novel, but rather that the author was trying to shock the reader and then didn't follow through on this by making the entire book this way.

First Line: "'Grief? I'll tell you about grief' says the man in the dark suit"


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