Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms by Dorothea Benton Frank
Women's Fiction

Anna Abbott grew up on the Isle of Palms(IOP) and moved away when her mother died and her emotionally cold grandmother and controlling father took her to Mount Pleasant to live. However the IOP has been in Anna's heart for a long time. Anna was date raped at her senior prom and has a daughter, Emily.

Anna married her best friend Jim who is gay and for 10 years they raised Emily together. Emily has just finished her first year in college and Anna decides to buy a small house on IOP. And if that is not enough Anna loses her hair dressing job and decides to start her own salon.

This is a book about the low country which I love. It is so nice to read about areas one is familiar with. The book is woman's fiction but also romance with a good dose of humour.

I could not understand the lack of anger which seemed to surround the rape. Maybe this is because of her beautiful daughter but it might also be because so many years have passed. There were a lot of quirky friends and neighbours which lead to a fun read even though the plot is a little feeble

First Line: "Okay."


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