Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trading Places

Trading Places by Fern Michaels
Romantic Mystery

Aggie and Lizzy Jade are twins. Aggie, who is quiet and reserved, works for the Atlanta PD. She is seriously injured in a stakeout that kills her partner and almost kills her K-9, Gus. Aggie feels it was a set-up and since the cops after her 6 months of rehabilitation are no closer to finding the perpetrators decides to ask her twin to change places with her and investigate the murder.

Lizzy Jade is a wealthy professional gambler living in Vegas. She is more than willing to help. Lizzy involves the local newspaper journalist in her efforts.

This is a fast-paced book with more romance than mystery. It is very hard to put aside the questions about the switch. How on earth can Lizzy learn all there is to know about policing procedures. How can Alice (a female dog) possibly replace Gus, the K-9 and someone not notice. Why would Lizzy invite a boatload of friends to visit under the circumstances? Too many questions to make up for the quick read.

First Line: "His hand reached for hers inside the dark car."


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