Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Testimony by Anita Shreve

When the headmaster of a Vermont Prep school receives a videotape of three basketball players engaging in sex with a underage girl, he has to decide what to do. Should he cover it up or expose it and what should happen to the people involved?

This book shows how this incident affects everyone. The boys themselves, the 14 year old girl, the parents of the boys and even the school and future athletes. Each person's voice is heard and this is what makes this story so interesting. The book shows what happens in the future but also what went on in the past to bring the boys to this room.

This all stems from a single slip of a car on black ice. WOW!

First Line: "It was a small cassette, not much bigger than the palm of his hand, and when Mike thought about the terrible license and risk exhibited on the tape, as well as its resultant destructive power, it was as though the two-by-three plastic package had been radioactive."


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