Thursday, November 13, 2008

Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

Cassie wakes up in a graveyard and she can't remember her name or anything about herself. A man named Will helps her out, telling her that he is about to start on the LAPD after having moved to California from an Indian reserve in South Dakota. He doesn't seem to quite fit in anywhere, being half Indian, half white, but he enjoys Cassie's company; until she finds out who she is.

Cassie is an anthropologist and wife of the most famous actor in Hollywood, Alex Rivers. Slowly she starts to piece together what life was like before she forgot everything, and it's not picture perfect. What results, is a story of domestic abuse and fitting in.

As always, Picoult writes these novels perfectly. The characters are so dynamic and raw. The storyline is dramatic. I kept waiting for the Picoult twist, trying to figure out all the ways that the book could end. Picoult doesn't disappoint, however this isn't her best book. I grew to dispise Alex and despite the explanations, I don't understand how anyone could stay with someone who physically abuses them. There was one loose end though, and that is how Cassie ended up in a graveyard with no memory. Did I miss this in the book? It seems too big of a loose end for Picoult to miss. Overall a great book!

First Line: "Long ago on the shores of the Atlantic there lived a great Indian warrior called Strong Wind."



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