Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Between Boyfriends Book by Cindy Chupack

The Between Boyfriends Book by Cindy Chupack
Non Fiction Chick Lit

Chupack writes for magazines and Sex and the City, giving advice on dating even though she confesses that as a single woman at the age of 37, it may be advice on what not to do rather than what to do. There are 36 articles/snippet on different subjects of dating and single life in this book. This includes essays on over-emotional guys, passing a guy to your friends when it doesn't work between you two, and when you feel like you've been on your current date before.

This book was fun, easy to read, and I'm sure every girl can relate to something that was said in it! Thankfully, I've never read any of her work before. I'm sure if I were to open up issues of Glamour, these articles would be in there and it would be recycled content.

First Line: "Men are good at a lot of things."



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