Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eyes of Prey

Eyes of Prey by John Sandford

Lucas Davenport is a Minneapolis cop who is burned out. He has lost his family and had a very bad close-out to a murder investigation. He is severely depressed. He is assigned to a particularly gruesome case. Will he survive this one?

Stephanie Bekker was brutally killed and her eyes cut out. The most viable suspect, her husband, has an airtight alibi. Her killer is a scarred emotional cold person.

A couple of days later the manager of a small theater is killed in a very similar fashion. The most likely suspect again has a very good alibi. Her killer this time is actually is a beauty, a strikingly handsome emotional man.

The only break in the case is that Stephanie was killed basically in front of her lover. He however, cleans up thoroughly and leaves. He does contact the police later on and give them clues to go on. Who is he??

The two killers have to tie up the loose ends and more murders ensue. I loved the reveal at the end.

This is the first of the Prey books and a good start to the series.

First Line: "Carlo Druze was a stone killer."



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