Sunday, January 18, 2009

Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

Four to Score by Janet Evanovich
Mystery/Thriller/Chick Lit

Stephanie Plum is at it again, pretending to be a bounty hunter. Her latest case is to find Maxine, who skipped out on bail after stealing her boyfriend's car. Stephanie soon learns that her arch enemy, the woman who she caught having sex with her ex-husband, is also trying to find Maxine. Stephanie soon learns that Maxine is leaving clues for her boyfriend in a sort of treasure hunt. Not being very good at puzzles, Stephanie enlists the help of a cross-dresser Sally Sweet. Of course, Grandma Mazur, Lula, Ranger, and Joe Morelli are always around to help or make fun of Stephanie in her quest to take down Maxine.

As expected, this book was a lot of fun and had me laughing in certain parts. I was happy to finally see Stephanie and Joe get together, although I wish he would commit! They are obviously meant to be together. I'm sure there's more to come in the books ahead!

First Line: "Living in Trenton in July is like living in a big pizza oven."



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