Monday, January 12, 2009

McNally's Dilemma

McNally's Dilemma by Lawrence Sanders

Archy McNally's official case is to discover who is blackmailing Mr. Fairhurst about the story of his ancestor. Apparently his grandfather escaped the Titanic in drag but the family claimed he had died. What ends up being the main case is the death of Geoff Williams. His wife(Melva) has admitted to the murder. Her husband brought home his girlfriend and did the 'dirty' right in front of her causing her to kill him.

Melva asked Archy to care for her daughter(Veronica) amid the press and paparazzi. Except the stories of the daughter and mother do not match. There are a few niggling details that Archy just can not leave alone. Veronica is gorgeous and a handful. The two cases are interlinked and Archy is given a real dilemma.

This book shows how the rich really do live differently. They are above it all. Archy is as always charming and witty.

First Line: "I was perusing the lunch menu at the Pelican Club when I let out a how, which was a bit uncouth even for that unpretentious lodge."



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