Thursday, September 20, 2012

9 Dragons

9 Dragons by Michael Connelly
Harry Bosch, L.A. homicide detective is sent to Fortune Liquors to investigate the death of John Li, the owner.  What initially looks like a robbery gone bad turns out to be a lot more complicated.  Li has been paying protection money to a Chinese triad.  Just as Bosch is closing in on the triad member he suspects, he receives a threat to stop or there will be consequences.  Of course, he doesn't stop.

The triad member tries to leave the country with Bosch capturing him at the last moment.  Then he receives a phone call  that changes everything.  His 13 year old daughter, Maddie who lives in Hong Kong with her mother has been kidnapped.  Harry drops everything to go find her.

Harry is totally out of his comfort zone.  Even though he visits Maddie he does not really know the underbelly of Hong Kong.  Harry teams together with Eleanor Wish, Maddie's mother and ex-FBI agent and Sun Yee, Eleanor's boyfriend.  Together they track down the bad guys.

I loved this book.  Yes, some of the Hong Kong scenario was a bit far-fetched but the interweaving of the personal and work aspects is fantastic.  I loved how conflicted Harry was at times and this made the story even more 'real'. Love that Bosch!

First Line: "From across the aisle Harry Bosch looked into his partner's cubicle and watched him conduct his daily ritual of straightening the corners on his stack of files, clearing the paperwork from the center of his desk and finally placing his rinsed out coffee cup in a desk drawer."


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