Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen

Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen

Palmer Stoat is a lobbyist in Florida with a dog named Boodle and a wife named Desi. His latest project is to build a bridge to current Toad Island, soon to be turned in to Shearwater Island for golfers and rich people. As Stoat drives home, he throws his litter out the window which starts a war. Twilly Spree, a young environmentalist with known anger issues (he blew up his uncle's bank) sees this and follows Stoat all the way home. To teach Stoat a lesson, Spree dumps a dumpster of trash on his convertible. Stoat doesn't get the message so Spree needs to resort to more dire circumstances.

Dognapping Stoat's dog, Spree re-names him (who names a dog Boodle anyways?), and picks up Stoat's wife Desi when he returns for the dog's medicines. She tells him of the Toad Island project, which even further enrages Spree. Threatening letters are sent, which gets the Governor involved and a bunch of other weird characters.

Typical to Hiaasen's novels, this is another quarky one. It's like Christopher Moore without the fantasy element. Despite these being enjoyable reads, I still find them very slow to get through. This wasn't my favourite Hiaasen novel but it was ok.

First Line: "On the morning of April 24, an hour past dawn, a man named Palmer Stoat shot a rare African black rhinoceros."


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