Sunday, September 16, 2012


Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
This is an account of Louis Zamperini's life.  Louis started out as an Olympian in track.  However, WWII intervened and he trained as a bombardier and was stationed in the Pacific ocean war theater. 

Zamperini was downed and spend 47 days in a life raft fighting off starvation, exposure, thirst and sharks.  He and his pilot drifted into Japanese held territory and were interned for the rest of the war.

While interned Louis along with the other POWs underwent severe conditions and brutal treatment.  Such brutal treatment that several of the guards were indicted as war criminals.  It is stated that the dropping of the nuclear bombs probably saved the POWs as the Japanese were all set to kill the lot so that they would not be held accountable for all their atrocities.

This account is not for those who have a weak stomach.  It is brutal and gut-wrenching.  One wonders at man's capacity for cruelty and depravity.  I found the story a little too long-winded but it was still a fascinating story.  A bit unbelievable was Louis' redemption at the end.  A few hours of listening to Billy Graham and the PTSD is fixed.  I think this marginalizes those who truly suffer from this affliction.

First Line: "All he could see in every direction was water."

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